Ken and Marian Inouye

Building a New Life

Above: HONOLULU, August 11, 1949: MIS veteran Ken Inouye served with the 7th Radio Squadron Mobile in New Guinea, Leyte and Netherland East Indies, and later in Japan during the U.S. occupation. On August 11, 1949, he married Marian Tamiko Kajiwara of Honolulu. Raised in Palama, Inouye became the sales manager at KOHO, a Japanese language radio station in Honolulu, while Marian built and operated Waialae Beauty Salon. Their two younger children, Mark and Annie, continue to learn about and support their father’s MIS legacy.

Many MIS veterans pursued military careers. Chief Warrant Officer James Ishihara was killed in Vietnam in 1963. His Camp Savage classmate, Arthur Ishimoto, attained the highest rank of any Nisei World War II veteran, rising to Air Force major general and head of the Hawaii National Guard. Dozens of MIS veterans achieved the rank of colonel, among them Harry Fukuhara, Iwao Yokooji, Charles Moriyama, Henry Furuya and Tatsuo “Rusty” Kawamura.

George Ariyoshi, an MIS Nisei who was drafted near the war’s end and served in the occupation of Japan, would become America’s first Asian governor and Hawaii’s longest-serving governor.

Ralph Yempuku, Kazuo Yamane and William Hiraoka were among the MIS veterans who succeeded in business.

Many became educators, including Hawaii education superintendents Teichiro Hirata and Shiro Amioka, University of Hawaii chancellors Paul Miwa, Ralph Miwa and Dick Kosaki and PhDs such as Tom Ige, Shinye Gima and Yoshinobu Oshiro.

Francis Sogi was an international lawyer in New York and Tokyo. Masaji Marumoto became the first Asian American on the Hawaii Supreme Court. Yoshimi Hayashi also became a Supreme Court justice. Bert Tokairin was a federal magistrate. Ben Tashiro, Frank Takao and Andrew Sato became state judges. Ted Tsukiyama was a successful lawyer and arbitrator.

Koji Ariyoshi, whose MIS service included the “Dixie Mission” with Mao Tse-tung in China, came home to be a Hawaii labor leader.

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Japanese Americans of the Military Intelligence Service during World War II